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Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seals

We manufacture a wide range of standard and custom sized seal for Pneumatic / Hydraulic cylinders.

These include :

Buffer Seals

Dust / Wiper Seals

Rod Seals

Piston Seals

Backup Ring

Wear / Guide / Slide Rings or Tapes



Vee Packing Seals

T-Seals etc.

Our unique machining facility enables us to customize the seal size to fit your equipment, plus minimum order of just 1 piece. We offer seals from 5 mm to 2500 mm in diameter.

Details on the part numbers and sizes or custom made seals not listed here are available on request.

Selection of a Seal

The selection criteria are generally the requirements, which have to be met by a seal.

In addition to these, there are other operating conditions, which affect our analysis.

Some of these are as follows :

These conditions have an effect on the performance of the seal service life, leakage, friction, wear and reliability. These are important and influence the selection of the optimum seal shape and material.

Installation of a Seal

Another important factor to consider in order to obtain the best performance of the seal is that the seal must be installed correctly. The sealing edge of the seal must be protected from damage during installation as they are the parts which perform the sealing contact point. Remember, seals are the parts that control the efficient working of the equipment and should be treated with care during installation.

Please contact us for more details on installation procedures.